Online Business Solutions Overview

In today's dynamic marketplace, businesses of all sizes require sophisticated, customizable solutions to stay competitive. Citizens Bank can help by providing tailored online cash management services for your business.

Citizens Bank can customize Business Solutions to address the specific needs of any business customer. Business customers may choose any or all of the following flexible applications:

  • View Account Balances & Transactions (real time)
  • View Check Images
  • Transfer funds between Citizens’ accounts (real time)
  • ACH Origination (including Payroll direct deposit, Federal & State tax payments)
  • Request Stop Payment
  • Wire Funds

In addition, Citizens Bank Online Business Solutions provides businesses with the following invaluable built-in features:

  • Individual or Multi-Level User Authorizations
  • Secure Email
  • Export to Accounting Software Packages

Business customers have the ability to manage their cash flow online--anyplace and at any time--regardless of the size or individual requirements of the business. Online Cash Management’s unique modular architecture allows businesses to pick applications especially designed for their business, with individual (or multi-level) User authorizations.


  • Economical
  • Efficient Direct Deposit Services
  • Secure
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient - 24/7 Access


  • Set-up Fee: $25.00
  • Monthly Fee: $35.00
  • Stop Payment: $32.00
  • Tokens: $15.00
  • All other Basic Fees & Services apply, including incoming and outgoing domestic & international wire fees


  • Business Checking Account with Citizens Bank
  • Internet Access
  • Continually upgraded virus protection