Send and receive money with Brella

Brella P2P (Send Money) is a simple and secure mobile payment solution that allows you to send money to friends and family who have a bank account and a valid email address.

  • Send money to friends to pay for lunch.
  • Send money to your children in college.
  • Pay your sitter.
  • Pay for lawn care.
  • Split a bill with a co-worker.

Protect yourself from fraud with Brella - Added Security For Your Debit Card

Brella is a mobile app that helps you monitor your debit card.

  • Set alerts so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity
  • Turn your debit card on or off
  • Check your account balance
  • Find nearby ATMs
  • Submit travel notices

When you set alerts with Brella, you can keep a close eye on your debit card activity. If you receive an alert about a purchase you didn’t make, you can take quick action to prevent fraud. Receive alerts for:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds you set
  • Purchases made online or over the phone
  • Suspicious or high-risk purchases

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Minimum Operating System Requirements?
•    Android 6.0 and higher
•    iOS 10.0 and higher

The Brella app is supported on all devices that support these operating systems.

The Brella app is optimized for smartphones but will also work on iPads and Android tablets.

Fingerprint login is supported on an Android device only if the device supports the standard Android fingerprint authentication API. Login with Face ID is supported on all Apple devices with Face ID, and login with Touch ID is supported on all Apple devices with Touch ID.

Brella Quick Start Guide


For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, please see below:

  • What is P2P?

    P2P is a simple and secure mobile payment solution that allows you to send money to friends and family who have a bank account and a valid email address.

  • What does Brella P2P cost?

    $2.00 per transaction

  • Do I need to be a customer to use Brella P2P?

    Yes, you must be a customer to use the send money option in the Brella App. However, the person receiving the funds DOES NOT need to be a customer of Citizens Bank.

  • Who can I send funds to?

    You can send funds to friends and family in the United States who have an email account. For example, you can:

    • Send money to friends to pay for lunch.
    • Send money to your children in college.
    • Pay your sitter.
    • Pay for lawn care.
    • Split a bill with a co-worker.


  • Does the recipient have to have an email address?

    Yes, the recipient must have a valid email address.

  • What if all I know is the person's cell number?

    The funds must be sent to a valid email address.

  • What methods are available for cardholders to access Brella P2P?

    The Brella Mobile App is available as a free download for the following types of mobile devices:

    • Brella for Apple® iOS®: available on the Apple App Store
    • Brella for Android™: available on Google Play™

    Sending money is available only with the Brella Mobile App.


  • What are the system requirements for the Brella App?

    • Android 6.0 and higher
    • iOS 10.0 and higher


  • How do I enroll to use Brella P2P?

    You must be enrolled through the Brella App. Once you have completed your Brella App enrollment and created your credentials you can use Brella P2P (Send Money).

    • Download Brella, free from the Apple App Store or Google Play
    • Select Register
    • Enter your debit card number
    • Review and accept product terms and conditions
    • •Proceed with the Card Verification process (a phone call will be initiated so you can verify your debit card PIN number).
    • Complete the User Profile information
    • Activate the account via an email activation link


  • How do I send and receive money using Brella P2P?

    It is very easy to send money to friends and family:

    • Tap Send Money on the Menu or Card Actions screen
    • Select a card
    • Add a new recipient or select an existing
    • New recipients must be registered and validated before the money is sent
    • Enter the dollar amount. You May include comments in the notes (optional)
    • Both parties will receive an email confirmation of the P2P payment
    • Tap Send on the Review & Send screen
    • Brella verifies whether the email address is registered to an existing Brella account with a valid, active card.
    • If the recipient is registered - Brella uses the existing Brella account and continues to the next step.
    • If the recipient is not registered - An error prompt is displayed. When you tap OK, Brella sends a registration request to the recipient’s email address, inviting the recipient to register for Brella and enroll their card to receive money. During this time, money will not be sent.
    • The invitation email gives the recipient a deadline of five days to register. On the fourth day, a reminder email is sent to the recipient.
    • If the recipient registers, you will receive an email stating the payment can be initiated. Log in to the app and complete the steps to send the money.
    • If the recipient doesn’t register, you will receive an email stating the recipient has not registered. The payment cannot be completed.


  • Can I send funds outside the USA?

    No. Funds can only be sent to financial institutions inside the United States.

  • Is Brella P2P secure?

    Security is important!  Neither the sender nor the receiver knows the other's bank account information. The funds are not sent via mail, and a card number is not exchanged.

  • How long will it take for the recipient to receive the funds?

    For eligible, registered recipients, money will transfer to the recipient immediately.
    Non-eligible recipients need to accept the funds via ACH by inputting their account number and routing number.
    Funds availability is subject to the processing procedures of the recipient’s financial institution.


  • If I need additional information on Brella P2P, who can I call?

    For additional information or assistance, please call (505) 599-0100.

  • What should I do if I lose my phone or tablet?

    If your mobile device is lost or stolen, please call 505-599-0100 or 1-800-325-9961, so we can deactivate your account.

Brella is powered by SHAZAM® and is activated through Citizens Bank.

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Should you have any questions regarding Brella, you may reach the Citizen's Bank Customer Service Center at 505 599 0100 or 800 325 9961. Our phone hours are Monday through Thursday, 8am – 5pm and Friday 8am – 6pm.  You may also visit any of our branch locations.

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