Overdraft Fees: Are you "In" or "Out"?

Now, you have a choice. Regulations have changed for banks charging overdraft fees to consumer accounts. Find out what "Opting In" or "Opting Out" means for you.

Opting In

"Opting In" means banks may authorize reasonable debit card transactions that take accounts to negative balances. If that happens, a fee may be charged. Opting In DOES allow important protections. This service allows you to get emergency cash or to make a purchase without the embarrassment of being declined.

Opting Out

"Opting Out" means your bank would not, under any circumstance, be able to authorize an ATM or debit card transaction that takes accounts to negative balances. If an account has insufficient funds, all ATM and debit transactions would be declined. No fee will be charged for a declined transaction.

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